Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sony is in a lot of Legal Trouble

The notorious iphone dev, geohot (George Hotz), has been in the processes of fighting Sony in court over the jailbreak he made for the PS3 recently. Sony's defenses are very weak and I believe geohot has a good chance of winning and a few days ago he started to accept donations to hire more lawyers to fight Sony. Sony's reasons for suing geohot consist of reasons according to geohot that "they allege I did things like play "super mario world, an unauthorized game" on MY PS3. And access MY PS3 in an unauthorized way." Obviously everybody who bought a PS3 should have permission to do whatever they please with it once it is theirs. I do not see Microsoft suing anybody for running programs they didn't develop on computer because that would be outrageous, and this is pretty much what Sony is claiming. Geohot was able to get enough donations to afford more lawyers to even the playing field with Sony's 5 lawyers, and Sony should watch out because this case doesn't seem to favor them.

Besides just having to worry about their case against geohot, a new case has been filed against them where they are ironically charged with breaking the same legal acts as geohot did. Because Sony removed the PS3's OtherOS ability they are being accused of breaking the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, because Sony gave the decision to either keep the OtherOS and loose PSN or loose OtherOS and keep PSN the consumer looses system functionality both ways. It seems that Sony has their hands full of legal issues for a while and we will just have to wait and see how things turn out.

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