Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Drizzt's FuckPSN creates the easiest access to PSN seen so far

Drizzt, the creator of the Gaia Manager, created an all in one program that connects you onto PSN. It only takes a couple of steps to connect as well.All you need is the ca24.cer, dev_blind.pkg, and fuckPsn-v0.4 which can all be found on Drizzt's website located here. Drizzt's program replaces ps3dns and charles making the PSN incredibly accessible again. To get this method to work all that needs to be done is:
  1. Install the dev_blind.pkg
  2. Run dev_blind on your PS3 and mount the flash
  3. Use a tool to transfer files and move Drizzt's ca24.cer to the folder /dev_blind/data/cert/CA24.cer (you might want to back up your old ca24.cer
  4. Set your PS3's primary DNS as your PC's IP and the secondary DNS as your router's IP
  5. Reboot your PS3 and run fuckPsn-v0.4 and enjoy being on PSN agian
This was the only method I was able to get working with my PS3. I could have used eth0's method but at the time ps3dns was not working on my laptop and so I didn't think of running it on my desktop where it does work.

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