Sunday, February 27, 2011

multiMAN v1.16.03 Released w/ NTFS Support

Dean has just released a long a waited new version of multiMAN which received many updates including NTFS support for external USB hard drives. While it is awesome that there is NTFS support now it seems pretty limited. It can not merge split files while coping and the only thing it can do with NTFS files are copy them to internal. It also contains 3.56 spoofing which could be pretty useful as well.

Download: multiMAN ver 1.16.03 BASE (20110225_200000).rar

Directly from multiMAN's change log:
01.16.02/03 -
* NTFS support for external USB HDD (START+/\ to switch to NTFS driver)* USB.CFG configuration file edit required: 0xVNID:0xPRID:V (vendor ID, product ID, V=number of volumes)
* Only copy from NTFS is supported - nothing more, nothing less
* Folder/File copy in FileManager from NTFS volumes
* Merging split files while copying from NTFS is not supported (only 1:1 copy)
* Altered display modes 1, 2, 3 and 4 (small device icon in lower right corner)
* Fixed 99% progress bar freeze
* Fixed "not enough space on destination drive" in rare cases
* New cache convention
* Added support for 3.56 spoof
* Probably a lot of other things...

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