Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Playstation File System Libraries to Bring NTFS Support with Homebrew

It seems that the PS3 is finally receiving the expected NTFS support that has been a wish of PS3 users for a long time. The PS3 is originally built on using the FAT32 file system which has a limit of 32 GB of storage which is quite annoying and can not accommodate a file larger than 4 GB. NTFS support will allow full portable hard drives to be used with PS3s so that you can accesses much more files and larger files. This will allow backing up games to external hard drives much easier and probably make booting backups from external hard drives easier. The file system library will have to be incorporated into the homebrew apps by the devs so we will have to wait for actual apps with NTFS support still but I am sure many people are looking out for it.

The creator of the libraries wrote a list of features on and here is that list

* Support for multiple simultaneously connected devices.
* Hot swapping of devices.
* Support for multiple partitions (with different FS).
* NTFS support
o Alternate data streams
o Sparse files
o File compression
o B+ trees directory* FAT support
o FAT12, FAT16, FAT32
o Long file names (VFAT)
Writing to NTFS formatted volumes is not supported and not planned.
Check the README for everything else. 
You can find the file system library at ps3-hacks here

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