Monday, February 14, 2011

New Ways to connect to PSN on 3.55 with Kmeaw's CFW and new a CFW by Naima

To Connect on Kmeaw's CFW
eth0 has created a very simple guide (here) at to get onto PSN with kmeaw CFW. It is not working for me but many people seem to be having success using it. My problem seems to be in running eth0's ps3dns program but I dont mind not being connected to PSN that much.

New Method Using Naima's CFW
Naima released a firmware just recently that lets users access PSN without following as much guides. It is basically Kmeaw's firmware with added PSN support and comes with the modified SSL certificates. The use of Charles Web Debugging Proxy is still necessary but this firmware will make it much easier to access PSN. I am downloading it now and am going to update my PS3 with it and test out if I can get on PSN agian

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