Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Anonymous Attacks the PSN

Today and Yesterday the PSN has been sporadically not working due to attacks from a group known as anonymous. They are justifying these attacks by saying that Sony's treatment of PS3 hackers and users of modified PS3s is unjust and they simply ask that Sony cancels all charges against the hackers as well as cease finding and attacking more people. They also request that Sony allows users to modify their PS3s freely without fear of being charged. While this might seem like a just cause I doubt Sony will abide to any of these terms and will just wait for these attacks to stop which I believe they will.

Due to Sony's past way of treating people it seems that they will just try to bring members of anonymous to court which probably will not be successful. So at the end of the day this whole attack on Sony will probably be forgotten and the only long term effects that I can see is Sony becoming more aggressive in stopping PS3 hackers. If anonymous can keep up their attacks on Sony for a time period long enough to have an effect which just doesn't seem like it will happen, then Sony might just have a change of heart, but as i said it just doesn't seem like that will be the course of action.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

PSN for CFW in the Future?

Just a small update but it has been said that many devs are working on restoring PSN to CFW users. A member from Team Rebug said that Rebug is not working on PSN but many devs are working on it. I personally enjoy being able to use PSN on CFW so I am looking forward to it.