Monday, March 28, 2011

Possibility for 3.60 CFW

Today a hacker by the name of Mathieulh revealed that he has recently exploited and dumped the LV0 on 3.60 firmwares. Mathieulh has been known for not revealing much information about his exploits but this time he has been kind to help some people out. With this a twitter user by the name of Ps3WeOwnYoU has claimed to have reproduces Mathieulh's trick. He says that he has the decrypted LV0 from 3.60 after using this trick, but Ps3WeOwnYoU's claims have not been substantiated and this is still largely a rumor.

Basically this exploit will allow access to the 3.60 keys which will then lead to CFW and homebrew on 3.60. Basically this will allow PSN access once more and make it so games do not have to be patched to run from an outdated firmware.While 3.60 doesn't seem all that necessary it would still be nice and I waiting for some more good news.