Thursday, March 17, 2011

PSN Maintenance Kicks Off All CFW Users for Now

Today, there was "sporadic PSN maintenance" which already has caused problems for all CFW users. It is claimed that Sony is finally enacting their hidden 3.60 PSN authentication system which has been discovered in the new 3.60 firmware released last week. The authentication system clearly will stop CFW from logging into the PSN, but I think that developers will make a bypass method before the week is over. The same thing happened with 3.56 firmware and the developers worked around it so I have hopes for a 3.60 bypass.

The message that appeared today stated that there would be sporadic PSN maintenance from approximately 9am to 3pm Pacific Standard Time. As the message states the maintenance is not yet over, but as of now many users are reporting they can not connect including myself. So if you can't live without PSN for a little OFW is your only choice. I am alright without PSN access so I will just wait it out.


  1. Yeah I can wait out having no PSN. I've actually been integrating into PC gaming.

  2. Sony was the douchiest company for developers. Ask the PSP homebrew community, so many cool things came out of that, but Sony made it a real pain in the ass. Focused more on stiffling creativity than making content, no wonder the DS became so much more popular.