Thursday, March 3, 2011

New Games Requiring 3.56 Firmware

Two new games that have been leaked early both require Sony's latest 3.56 firmware. The first title is Dragon Age II which is a much anticipated game for many including me.Dragon Age II has been leaked onto the internet even though the release date is March 8th, which allowed hackers to figure out ways to run the game on 3.55 firmware. Apparently simple modifications to the PARAM.SFO and a repackaged EBOOT.BIN made the game compatible with 3.55. There is a fix available but to avoid encouraging piracy I won't lead to the download link.
The second game is MLB 11 The Show which also is scheduled to be released March 8th but was leaked online. MLB 11 obviously has not been looked at as much as Dragon Age II which is probably due to the popularity differences in the two games. I am pretty confident though that MLB 11 will be able to run on 3.55 with time though as amazing things can happen with time.


  1. Is it just me or does it seem like Sony is becoming more of a target after their spaz attack about hacking the PS3?

  2. @PluckyP Yeah I feel like that's the case as well :/ Screw Sony anyway.

  3. oO
    but sony will never win the fight against this hackers...