Sunday, March 27, 2011


Graf_Chokolo continues his contributions to the PS3 scene now allows for Linux to be installed on the internal hard drive of Slim PS3s. He was able to increase the FLASH region on the PS3s hard drive from 256MB to 40GB, and installed Gentoo Linux to this location. PS3 owners can even have their PlayStations format their hard drives and the Linux will still remain and be usable. Hopefully a version for the Fat PS3 comes out so I can try it out.

Graf_Chokolo's plans for the future just makes things sound even better. These plans are to compile and install (to the vFLASH) petiboot and then after that he plans for the creation of a HV CFW which can also boot GameOS or petitboot which can either boot Linux or GameOS.

Great things will come from Graf_Chokolo's hypervisor and I am exited for the future.